What is BlockFi? | Cryptocurrency Lending Platform

What is BlockFi? | Cryptocurrency Lending Platform | 2021

BlockFi is a bitcoin financial services platform that serves as a one-stop-shop. Its diverse product offering includes its well-known interest-bearing accounts, client bitcoin loans, and its cryptocurrency trading platform.

The privately-held New Jersey-based borrowing platform, founded in 2017, is now estimated at over $3 billion thanks to one of the most recent series D and has captured the attention of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and typically non-crypto audiences. 

BlockFi is a simple and easy-to-use digital asset platform that is available worldwide. It is designed for beginners to moderately skilled users.

There are currently no commission fees, either minimum deposits or balances upon that lending platform. You can make quick transactions and take out loans using your coins.

Anyone can take out a mortgage instead of selling in a depressed market. The BlockFi Interest Account is the company’s most well-known product (BIA). Users may deposit money into something like a BIA and receive up to 8.60 percent interest on USDC, USDT, and GUSD, which is substantially much more than the traditional bank would ever give.

BlockFi also pays people to borrow money, and the system has consistently made profits for its customers.

Is it safe and legal to use BlockFi?

What is BlockFi? | Cryptocurrency Lending Platform

Yes, since BlockFi is a US-registered company that offers customers legal alternative investment options. BlockFi employs all of the security features found in crypto-based exchanges & lending platforms, such as two-factor authentication as well as cold storage of money. This also buys SEC-regulated equities and CFTC-regulated futures and lends cautiously, with loans backed by something like a 50% security.

The platform’s excellent venture offerings are one of the reasons it has grown in popularity. In August 2019, the firm obtained an extraordinary $18.3 million Series ‘A’ fund and a $30 million Series ‘B’ fund. Serious investment companies have endorsed the platform.

You can also choose to participate in something called allow listing. This self-service tool will enable you to restrict withdrawals to specific addresses or even block them entirely. This is a great way to keep your BlockFi account safe against theft. It elevates BlockFi to the level of security enjoyed by today’s major cryptocurrency exchanges.

Is BlockFi insured?

BlockFi is among the few cryptocurrency exchanges established in the United States. As a result, it complies with state and federal government laws in the United States. However, funds in a BlockFi account, like other crypto assets, are not guaranteed by the FDIC or SPIC.

Its safekeeping provider is Gemini, a third-party cryptocurrency exchange regarded as one of the most regulated in the world. Gemini, founded by the Winklevoss twins, uses various security methods to maintain its money security, including cold (offline) storage. Its insurance additionally covers Gemini’s deposits.

Key Features of BlockFi

What is BlockFi? | Cryptocurrency Lending Platform

BlockFi offers numerous services that primarily focus on investing in digital currency to guarantee that its customers have a positive experience. However, several of these services are comparable to those provided by central banks or financial organizations.

BlockFi main service: Cryptocurrency may be bought, sold, and transferred.

If you’re new to the crypto world and don’t know where to buy Bitcoin, here is the place to go. BlockFi has become one of the platforms you may use to start your journey. You may buy, sell, and exchange a limited number of digital currencies here.

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This same list of cryptocurrencies and stable coins that BlockFi supports on its platform is as follows.


● Bitcoin is a digital currency (BTC)

● Ethereum is a cryptocurrency (ETH)

● Litecoin (LTC) a cryptocurrency (LTC)

● attach a tether (USDT)

● Binance is a cryptocurrency that allows you to trade (BUSD)

● Gemini is a sign of the zodiac (GUSD)

● Linking Chains (LINK)

● Paxos Paxos Paxos Paxo (PAX)

● PAX Platinum (PAXG)

● US Dollar Coin (USDC)

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Interest Account on Block (BIA)

What is BlockFi? | Cryptocurrency Lending Platform

You may earn up to 8.6 percent APY if you keep money in your BlockFi account, whether you acquired it from BlockFi or elsewhere.

In most cases, BlockFi customers will earn interest ranging from 3.6 percent to 8.6 percent APY, depending on the type and quantity of cryptocurrency they have in their account.

The interest rates for each cryptocurrency offered by that the BlockFi lending platform are listed below.

● The customer will earn a 6 percent (APY) yearly interest rate for putting 1 Bitcoin (BTC) into their BlockFi account, a 2 percent (APY) interest payment for depositing 1 to 20, and a 0.5 percent (APY) interest rate for depositing more than 20 BTC.

● For deposits up to 100 Ethereums on the platform, members will receive a 5.25 percent (APY) incentive. The interest rate will indeed be 2% (APY) for deposits of 100-1000 Ethereums and 0.5 percent (APY) for deposits of more than 1000 coins.

● The program pays a 6.5 percent annual percentage yield (APY) to customers who hold any number of Litecoins.

● ChainLink offers a 5.5 percent annual percentage yield (APY) on all deposits.

● Users will receive 8.6% (APY) interest on any promises made with stable currencies such as USD Coins (USDC), Gemini Dollars (GUCSD), PAX, and BUSD.

● BlockFi consumers will be compensated with a 9.3 percent (APY) interest rate to deposit Tether (USDT).

● The user will get 5% (APY) interest if they put PAXG into their BlockFi interest account.

This interest is payable daily by the platform, and you’ll get there at the beginning of each month. It is indeed worth noting that these interest payments will be made on top of the client’s initial contributions, allowing them to earn compound interest.

Pros and Cons of BlockFi


What is BlockFi? |

● Managed by a trustworthy group of well-known US investors

● Wallets regulated in the United States, such as Gemini

● Interest rates that are competitive, with terms and circumstances that are flexible

● For one withdrawal each month, there are no fees.

● Except in sanctioned or watch-listed nations, it’s available everywhere.

● There is no necessity for a least deposit.

● There are no limitations on the quantity that can be withdrawn.

● While trading assets, you may earn monthly compound interest on your money.


What is BlockFi? |

● The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) and the Variability of Loan Rates

● You may only make a limited number of free withdrawals from your account.

● There are no joint or custodial accounts available.

● There are just three possibilities for collateral.

● Only make loans in US dollars.

What is the procedure for obtaining a BlockFi account?

BlockFi Account

The process of creating a BlockFi account is simple and takes less than two minutes.

  1. You may begin by reading this BlockFi review. To get started, go to the BlockFi website. With this offer, you may get a sign-up bonus of up to $500 on your first deposit, starting at $25 when you deposit at least $500.
  2. Go to the homepage slider’s “Earn Interest” option or the menu’s “Get Started” option.
  3. To open a new account, enter your email address and create a password.
  4. Enter the verification code that was emailed to you.
  5. Select “Deposit” once you’ve checked in to authenticate your identity and make your first deposit.
  6. Fill up your details to be verified (part 1)
  7. Wait for approval after uploading a form of identification such as a passport, driver’s license, or ID card.


Final Thoughts: Is BlockFi a Massive Business?

What is BlockFi? | Cryptocurrency Lending Platform

For this BlockFi review, all of our indications (history, team, contact with support, and business model evaluation) lead to yes: BlockFi is real. There seems to be little evidence to the contrary. There are a few unfavorable reviews online from dissatisfied consumers. Still, they all appear to stem from misunderstandings, such as believing interest was paid in USD rather than BTC/ETH/GUSD.

You are a risk profile because what you’re doing with your cryptocurrencies will determine if BlockFi is worthwhile. BlockFi’s interest rates are competitive within the industry and industry-leading primarily digital assets in some cases.

You might as well take advantage of compounded interest if it’s just sitting on an exchange. Remember that 10 BTC would produce a not insignificant gain of around $850, and even the benefits and drawbacks of Bitcoin’s price fluctuation.

It’s important to note that it becomes more vulnerable each time your bitcoin leaves your hardware wallets. Your Bitcoin would be in danger if BlockFi or Gemini were to suffer a catastrophic hack (which is very improbable).

In our BlockFi review, we give it a thumbs up. After interacting with team reps and their client-side support staff, we’re looking forward to seeing BlockFi establish itself further in the area.


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